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Loss of a Spouse – Survivors of Suicide – Loss of Family or Friend – Loss of a Beloved Pet . . . . . Mourning, Remembering, Healing

Welcome to one of the hardest life experiences you are ever going to embark on.  Losing a loved one is personal, unique, difficult and will demand your time.  Not one person can do this hard work for you.  Congratulations on allowing yourself to slap on your boots by the straps and drudge through the unknown territory of grief.   You are not alone.

This workshop is designed to connect grieving hearts and together walk through some of the toughest terrain on the way to healing.

Sharing your loss with others who have experienced similar losses can be a life line in the healing process.  Support for one another is priceless when one knows they are not alone and not the only one going through ‘this’.  In addition to our Open Grief Workshop, we we offer specific workshops to cater to special needs.  If one of these workshops interests you, please contact us.

  • Loss of a loved one to Suicide
  • Widowhood – Loss of a Spouse
  • Loss of a minor child
  • Loss of an adult child
  • Loss of a parent/grandparent

Basic Structure for a Workshop:

  • Meets for 12 weeks – two hours a week.
  • Opens with an orientation and finishes with a celebration
  • Follows a structured book and workbook with weekly exercises and assignments
  • Touches on all aspects of grief and mourning in all five realms: mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and social.  Validates your journey and offers camaraderie and tools to cope with family, friends, co-workers, neighbors and society in general.

As a graduate of the workshop you will receive on-going mentoring and healing followups every three months.  You can sign up for a special newsletter just for workshop graduates and receive a discount on individual grief coaching sessions.

Interested in a GRIEF WORKSHOP? Please contact me.

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