Who is Cynthia?

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After experiencing the untimely loss of a spouse and mother before the  age of 35, Cynthia pioneered on the journey of grief and mourning, quickly embracing God’s gift of helping others who have experienced the loss of a loved one.

In 2000, Cynthia founded a non-profit and worked uniquely with men and women who became widowed much too early in life. Through the years Cynthia gained CEUs in the bereavement field through various universities i.e. American Academy of Bereavement, American Foundation of Suicide Prevention, VCU, and CMI.

In 2010, Cynthia left the non-profit world and began a personal growth journey for enhancing her passion and purpose in helping others cope with life’s challenges and finding happiness.  In 2011, Cynthia founded Life After Loss Healing Solutions, LLC expanding her expertise in coaching and overcoming adversity to a wider audience who had experienced a major loss in life.  In 2012, Cynthia completed her certification in Joy Restoration© and Christian Grief Coaching© through PCCCA.  She acquired her license to offer the “7 Step Happiness by Choice Method©”.

Cynthia has learned over the years that anger and guilt are emotions that are directly linked with grief; they can also be inherited by generational family dynamics.  A recent loss can trigger suppressed pain and guilt manifesting like an angry monster on one’s shoulders.  Cynthia furthered her career to help people channel their toxic emotions better and in a healthy way.  In 2012, Cynthia became certified in Anger Management Facilitation and Coaching through GCS Facilitators.

Cynthia has 20 years experience as a Business Owner/Entrepreneur, 22 years experience as an Advocate for Down syndrome, Autism, Special Education, and Gifted Education.  20 years experience with Handicapped/Special Needs Persons, and Home Management, 15 years experience as a single/working mom.

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