• Turning Over a New Leaf

    Posted on December 28, 2011 by Cynthia Gossman in Healing To Happiness, Spiritual Healing.

    Happy New Year

    Happy?? New??? Another year???

    These three things can seem enormous and overwhelming when one is grieving. For some the pain is still very raw and disabling. For others the pain is beginning to soften. It is very hard to even begin to imagine our lives happy without our loved one. Faith, hope, and time are all key essentials to your path of healing. When you begin healing, you will feel happy again. It may come in little spurts at first and you may not even recognize it. The pain will be less severe and joy will come around again. This is how you will know the healing process is in effect and this is how you will know you are beginning to get better.

    We are still here on earth and God must have a plan and purpose for us so why not live it the best way we can? Think of a new year as a new beginning. You have been blessed with turning over a new leaf, a miracle of a brand new day everyday. A chance you can forgive and let go of the bad things and continue to remember and hold dear the good things life has brought you so far as well as have a miracle of hope for beautiful things to come. Remember, even after the worst of storms, the sun does come out again.

    We have a fabulous opportunity to make the best of our selves and our lives. We have a wonderful God that forgives our mistakes and errors in life and keeps giving us another chance to make better. God believes in you, so let’s all believe in ourselves. Make a commitment to yourself today to LIVE to your fullest potential, to become everything God has created you to be. Make a commitment to yourself today to feel the sorrows and hardships and then to heal and grow from them. Keep your faith and trust in Him that you CAN and WILL heal and grow.

    I wish each and every one of you much peace and joy in your hearts this coming year and always. I pray that you all can find the strength and desire to make the decision to commit to your self not only in healing but in living life.

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