• To embrace pain is the highest calling

    Posted on February 15, 2012 by Cynthia Gossman in Coping With Grief, Healing To Happiness, Spiritual Healing.

    Pain is a teacher.

    We hate school.

    But there it is. When we are experiencing pain we are usually moving through something very important.

    So taking someone’s pain away from them is not really such a good idea. If you want to help someone, be a midwife. Help them birth the pain, bring it into the light of day.

    Trying to get away from your own pain through drugs or alcohol, distracting pleasures, or whatever, doesn’t really work. The lesson will be offered again and again until we get it. And it will grow harder and harder.

    So acceptance, opening is the answer.

    The spoiled child screams the loudest. He is not used to facing his pain. At every turn someone has helped him avoid hardship.

    I am the most insulted and indignant when someone speaks my deepest truth to me, the one I really don’t want to deal with. That’s when the walls go up.

    This pain gift is the hardest to accept and open.

    But we must.

    There is a blessing buried within it. Even death is a blessing.

    But messengers get blamed for messages. Pain the great teacher is turned away.

    I am no longer that fool, to deny my pain.  But I am not yet the Sufi who embraces it joyfully either.

    To embrace pain is the highest calling.

    ~author unknown

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