• Taking Care of Yourself Over the Holidays

    Posted on October 13, 2012 by Cynthia Gossman in Grieving Through the Holidays.

    Taking Care of Yourself 10/13/12

    1.  Get a massage.  Our bodies are going through touch and energy withdrawal and a massage can offer therapeutic healing through touch.  Complete relaxation during a massage can touch  your soul as your lose yourself in the instruments of the music.  Massage can release toxins that have built up in your muscles and skin from the broad mixture of emotions that have been thrust upon you.

    2.  Exercise increases the production of endorphins and enhances feelings of well being and positive attitude.  Find the energy to go for a walk around the block.  Take up yoga.  Ride your bike.  With each breathe in imagine all of the oxygen filling up every inch of your body with strength.  With every exhale you are releasing toxins and negativity out of your system.

    3.  Journal even when you don’t feel like it.  Let your thoughts flow uncontrollably not worrying about structure or punctuation.  Talk to your loved one; Talk to God.  Write the good and the bad thoughts and release them from your heart and your head.

    4.  Good nutrition makes you feel fit.  Much of the time ‘comfort food’ is not the best food for us, full of carbs, calories, and sugars; all in moderation and the feeling is quick and temporary.    Eat raw fruits and vegetables as a snack.  Fruit and yogurt with granola is a good start.  Over or under eating takes a toll mentally and physically.

    5.  Vitamins and other great supplements will help you fill in the gaps.

    6.  Give yourself small gifts.  Reward yourself with a bubble bath.  Or buy that favorite CD/DVD.  Get a pedicure.

    7.  Get up and out in the mornings and go out for breakfast, let them wait on you.

    8.  Keep moving and busy without throwing yourself into a frenzy.  Remember a body in motion stays in motion.  Go for a walk around the mall.  Go visit a museum.  Go to the park or the beach.

    9.  Let your feelings out. Stuffing them makes them come out with a vengeance later.  Find a safe place with no judgment to share what’s going on in your head and heart.  A friend, colleague, grief coach, support group are all great ideas.

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