Assisted Living Homes

Many facilities have programs to care for the dying and handle the death and funeral; however what programs are in place for the aftercare of the families?

Benefits of having a Bereavement/Aftercare Program:

  • The families have a place to say hello to the loss, process the grief and mourning and transition to a path of healing
  • The staff have a place to do the same
  • From a marketing perspective, when families are choosing a facility they will be comforted in knowing that you are taking the extra step in caring by offering a program like this

Benefits of Life After Loss Healing Solutions, LLC developing your program:

  • Experience Grief, Mourning, and Healing – about 15 years of walking the walk knowing first hand what is comforting
  • Experience in Grief Coaching – over 10 years of mentoring and guiding grieving hearts to healing
  • Experience in Program Development, Assessments and Evaluations – over 10  years of being the executive director in the non-profit spectrum
  • Experience in pre-qualifying and recruiting facilitators and volunteers and training them accordingly for the roles and responsibilities


If you already have a great program in place that is fabulous.  If your program director and or facilitators and volunteers are looking for assistance or ongoing training that is a service LALHS, LLC provides.



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