Tender. Loving. Care. That’s our passion here at The TLC Kitchen. For many different life events, we are here to help you show someone you care by sending them a delicious, home-style meal prepared in our USDA approved kitchen.

The timeless tradition of bringing over a meal to someone who is experiencing a loss or an illness or to someone who has just welcomed a new member to the family still exists today. But what if you no longer live near the person or your schedule does not permit a visit? The TLC Kitchen takes away the distance so even if you can’t be there in person, it will feel like you are as they enjoy a Southern-style meal and read your heartfelt note. For the same price as a flower arrangement, your recipient will appreciate a meal they can warm up and enjoy without the hassle of planning a meal or running to the grocery store.

Support in a Safe Place
The Dougy Center provides support in a safe place where children, teens, young adults, and their families grieving a death can share their experiences.
We provide support and training locally, nationally and internationally to individuals and organizations seeking to assist children in grief. We are supported solely through private support from individuals, foundations and companies. The Dougy Center does not charge a fee for its services.


In 2007 Raven Maria Blanco, was a normal, healthy, loving child. Her parents took her to the dentist for a routine check-up and cleaning. She never returned home. Instead, under her dentist’s care, Raven’s life slipped away. The medical conditions that led to her death are complex, but this fact remains: when problems developed, the dentist’s office was inadequately prepared to address the crisis.
Those whose lives were touched by this brief burst of joy named Raven were understandably devastated by this loss and experience. In honor of Raven’s memory, her parents and extended family established the Raven Maria Blanco Foundation, Inc. (RMBF) a 501 (c) (3) charity with the central objective of raising awareness within the dental profession. The need for better medical emergency preparedness is critical as, sadly, this very lack of preparation which led to Raven’s death is the current state of most dental offices in America. …read more or learn more about Raven.



Toby’s Dream Foundation ensures that children living with life-threatening illnesses in Greater Hampton Roads and the Eastern Shore of Virginia have the opportunity and resources to imagine and experience their most fantastic dream. (includes children in Eastern North Carolina)


Caring for Senior Loved One Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult.

Welcome to Care Connect of Hampton Roads, Inc.

Whether you are in immediate need of assistance due to a healthcare crisis or you need assistance with planning in an effort to avoid crisis…WE CAN HELP.   Care Connect of Hampton Roads is a full service geriatric care management firm.  We offer the most comprehensive assistance to caregivers and their senior loved ones all in one place. HEALTH CARE, FINANCE, LEGAL, MEDICARE, MEDICAID, ASSISTED LIVING, HOME CARE, NURSING CARE…whatever the question or problem… we have the SOLUTION!



The Institute of Medical Emergency Preparedness (IMEP) was created by doctors out of concern for the lack of medical emergency preparedness that currently exists in America. Today we have an unprecedented need to develop the skills and abilities necessary to calmly and confidently contend with medical emergency situations. We also have a heightened national awareness of the need for Professional First Responders.

IMEP’s Emergency Response System (ERS) was created to train and enable healthcare professionals to respond calmly, quickly and confidently to emergency and crisis situations. It is an ideal solution for dental offices and medical offices.


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