Grief Coaching

OCCGClogogne on One Grief Coaching: is coaching for individuals.  As unique and one of a kind person you are, your loved one and the life you shared together was, too.  Therefore your grief journey will be unique, one of a kind, and very personal.

Coaches Provide
A sounding board for decision making
A vehicle for professional and personal growth
A means of motivation for strong, positive action
A steadfast source of unconditional support and encouragement

Grief Coaching Involves
Care and comfort
Tools for achieving joy and fulfillment
Vision for the future

Coaching and mentoring gives your grieving heart permission and validation to feel the multitude of emotions and assurance that what is being experienced is normal and necessary.  Ongoing coaching can allow your grieving heart to experience unpredictable grief bursts that occur with daily living without judgment.

  • Coaching sessions are 50 minutes
  • Coaching sessions are face-to-face, preferably in person and Skype is available
  • Coaching sessions are private and confidential ( you can discuss what you need to without hurting family and friends feelings)
  • Coaching participants receive a special subscription to inspirational messages and mentoring

Several coaching sessions may be beneficial to provide you as much support as your need while you are traveling this foreign journey.   Ongoing coaching offers hope and guidance in transition to a healing heart.

You need not grieve alone, email me for more details ~


You need a grief coach when…

…you need information

…you feel overwhelmed

…you feel drained of energy

…you feel alone in your pain

…you experience emotional pain over the loss

…you have unfinished emotional business over the loss

…you have deep regret and sadness

…there doesn’t seem to be a future without your loved one

…you can’t function at work or school

…you are confused about what to do next

…you need to take action and feel in control of your life again

…you are protecting yourself by not expressing your feelings

…you are trying to ignore or mask the pain and ‘move on’

…time hasn’t healed any wounds

…you have enshrined the person who died

…you don’t know which actions are normal and healthy

…it feels like you have a personality disorder or pathological condition

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