• Grief Hangover

    Posted on April 7, 2012 by Cynthia Gossman in Coping With Grief.

    Grief is hardwork.  Grief is heavy.  It is important to take care of yourself and listen to your mind, body and soul.  After a coaching session, group meeting, intense cry, or spell of rage, you may feel like a MAC truck ran over you.  Completely depleted of every ounce of energy. This is what I refer to as a grief hangover. Your body is achy and dehydrated, your head is pounding, the very core of your spirit is in such a pain that words cannot describe.  You may be wondering “why do I do this? – why do I go to these group meetings or talk with my grief coach?  Why do I give into the pain and the tears?  I ONLY FEEL WORSE!”  I am here to share with you that all of this is absolutely necessary for your healing.  I have been there.  Grief and mourning is a process.  You will experience highs and lows.  It’s similar to detoxing.  You have poisons in you that have to be released.  Released through group therapy, coaching therapy, crying therapy, rage therapy.  In order to heal and grow you must travel THROUGH your grief.  You cannot go over it, under it, around it, or ignore it.

    Here are some suggestions that may help you heal from your grief hangovers.

    First recommendation I have is to drink alot of water.  Our bodies are made up 70% of water.  When we are grieving we are not doing anything ‘normal’ anymore, that includes eating, sleeping, nourishing and replenishing.  Not to mention all of the tears we just released.  Our muscles and cells are dehydrated…. HYDRATE them up.

    Second recommendation I have is to take a warm Epsom salt bath.  All of the toxins and poisons that were just release from a grief hangover and into your muscles and cells can be released out of your body with this practice.

    Third recommendation I have is to take a nap.  Your sleeping habits have been broken and interrupted.  Your body is not on a ‘normal’ schedule anymore.  Give yourself permission to take a nap in the middle of the day if you have to.

    Fourth recommendation I have is count your blessings.  At this time, it is extremely hard to look around the loss that is in your face 24/7.  Gratitude can heal.  Think about what you DO have.  What gifts did your loved one leave you, bless you with, and teach you?  Those gifts can never be taken away from you.

    I hope this brings some tangible comfort to your grieving heart.  Feel free to share other suggestions that have helped you in the comment section.

    I wish you all peace and happiness in your souls and love and joy in your hearts.



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