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Bereavement Aftercare Program Development for Funeral Homes

Many facilities have programs to care for the dying and handle the death and funeral; however what programs are in place for the aftercare of the families?

Life After Loss Healing Solutions can help your funeral home provide:

  • A dedicated aftercare program
  • Monthly “Hope” bereavement newsletters
  • Life transition classes
  • Community education programs
  • Holiday remembrance programs

For more than a decade, Cynthia has worked with the bereaved and nurtured thousands of people with their own unique grief journey.  She has developed specific programs for the widowed, survivors of suicide, and parents who are grieving while still raising kids under 18.  She offers compassion, unique insight and encouragement to the bereaved to be an active participant in their grief and mourning process and reach the path of healing.

Bereavement aftercare plays a vital role in the healing process. 

  • Over 50 million people are grieving at any given time. 
  • Dr. Edward Diener, a psychologist, has researched that there are two life events that devastate happiness for years:

the loss of a spouse and the loss of a job

  • TIME magazine reported in 2005 that it typically takes five to eight years for a widow to regain her former sense of well-being. 
  • “The cost of suffering from grief is staggering.  Joy, health, vitality, relationships, creativity, productivity, clarity and prosperity all  suffer.”   Aurora Winter, The Grief Academy
  • The Wall Street Journal reported that the workplace cost of grief is $75 billion per year in the US due to loss of productivity, accidents, and absenteeism. 
  • Chronic stress from grief can prematurely age your cells by a decade.  It can even trigger death.

Demystifying societal stigmas, myths and misconceptions about grief and mourning

Strengthening Communities

Together we can make a difference!

 Contact Cynthia today to learn more about offering a Bereavement Aftercare Program to your families.

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