How long does it take to get over grief?

In my opinion, one does not ever ‘get over’ it; one learns how to live with it.  The question is are you living with it healthily?  My philosophy is integrating life, loss and love.  Over 50 million people are suffering from grief at any given time.  TIME magazine reported in 2005 that it typically takes a widow five to eight years to return to their former sense of well being.  THAT’s TOO LONG.  My methods of grief and mourning help guide individuals to the path of healing and make positive empowering choices to shed years off the time it takes to recover.

How do I know I need help?

Everyone can benefit from a JOY Restoration Coach and Counselor.  Reaching out for help is one of the bravest steps you can take.  Why walk this journey alone if you don’t have to?

How do I find the right help?

With my joy restoration services we will be able to identify your needs for different types of help.  Some may have underlying medical issues going on and will benefit from seeing his/her primary care physician and/or a medical specialist.  Some people may have additional mental illness conditions that will be best addressed with a psychiatrist or psychologist.  As a JOY Restoration Coach and Counselor, I do not diagnose or prescribe medications and work in conjunction with your medical doctors.  Others benefit well by participating in a support group.

Interview the professional you choose to seek services with.  The majority of the time, it is not the expertise of the knowledge in a particular field; it is personality and compassion you receive from the professional.  I always encourage my clients to go with their gut feeling.

Do you coach and counsel individuals or groups?

I coach and counsel both individuals and groups.  Some benefit from both as well.  I offer individual sessions, 10-week workshops for grief relief and anger management and three-day retreats for shifting emotional warfare to emotional wellness.

Do you accept insurance?


What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, Check, Credit Card

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