• Life is full of mountains to climb

    Posted on April 19, 2012 by Cynthia Gossman in Healing To Happiness.

    “Life is full of mountains to climb, and they are challenging and painful.  At the same time, they are full of adventure and almost always teach us lessons that we must learn.  If we have an idea where we want to go, prepare for survival, step out of the comfort zone, face the obstacles in our path, throw the rope for help, and persist through the final push, those mountains become vehicles for wonderful new beginnings.” ~~ Cheryl Perlitz

    This quote reminds me of the Disney/Pixar movie UP – when after his wife died the old man decided to LIVE a dream they both shared yet didn’t get to accomplish before she passed – and only after he achieved this dream – did he find her adventure book and realized not only had they been living an ‘adventure’ full life, he could continue to live and adventurous life.

    What are your adventures?

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